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Best Way to Sign Your Art Work

Your name is the primary way people find you.  A readable name on your art work  is one of the best marketing tools you have.   USE IT!

If people like your work and can read your name, it gives them a chance to find you on the web. If they can’t read your name, the opportunity is missed, perhaps forever.  Many artists don’t do this and think people will somehow magically find them.  Don’t count on it.

A world famous artist friend actually prints her name alining it using a ruler.  It is very readable, consistent and recognizable on her work.  She sets a great example for us!

I suggest printing your name on your work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the best with your marketing challenges!


How to Improve Your Artwork.

Daniel Edmondson tells you how to improve your artwork in the attached video and PDF file that he makes available. Good stuff!

Let’s face it, marketing bad artwork makes it tough to be successful. I’m not an artist, but if you want to have a chance to have successful marketing, step one is having good art to show.

I hope you enjoy the video and take his suggestions.  Let me know if you like it.



How to Move to the Next Level?

Watch the video below to move to the next level.

Click and watch short video at:  http://www.oilpaintingworkshop.com/AR/10.htm

The video is by the artist Daniel Edmondson.  I found it on YouTube.

I was surprised when I opened the video.  Mr. Edmondson says to move to the next level you teach your artwork to someone.  Kay and I accidentally followed a similar path, out of necessity, when I was unexpectedly laid off of my regular job.  We developed a plan and set out to teach pastel workshops.  I agree with Mr. Edmondson, in that if you can teach your techniques, even to one person, you really have to know you stuff.  If you know your stuff that well, it’s a great confidence builder.

I believe the combination of marketing enthusiasm and technical confidence will lead to your success in art marketing and to the fulfillment of your goals in life / art.

For years, Kay’s ambition was to share her art talent with other people.  Now the primary goal of our art business is to teach her students how to create their own works of art.  She is living the dream.

If you want to take your art to the next level, begin to teach.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

I encourage you to watch the video at least 3 times with an open mind.  Let me know how this works for you.