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Experimenting with New Materials

I have been experimenting with new materials to see what affects I can achieve. Besides that, its just fun!!

I had a watercolor I had painted a few years ago of my dog that just didn’t quite make it. One of those failed paintings . Everybody has those, right?

Even though it didn’t hit the mark, I liked it enough to I save it.  (In fact this painting is what got me experimenting with pastels!☺)

Then the other day I found it and thought to myself, “How can I save this painting and make it better?”
The “before” photo is pictured below.






New Products I Tried-and Loved!

To get started, I purchased some Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor pencils and some Neocolor 2 Watersoluble Pastels. I also had my Derwent Pastel Pencils. Sooo I began to experiment. The Neocolors are like crayons- you scribble them on and then wet them and they dissolve!! The great thing about them is that they stay brilliant when dry!!


Sooo I really like these new products and I think they have promise for creating new art in the future.

First, I used a wet brush to make her eyes bigger by wiping out the previously applied watercolor. After the paper dried , I used the tip of my watercolor brush to wet the top of the Neocolor and then applied the color to the eyes. It worked very well. The wet brush liquefied the color on the tip making it like paint!  Then I used the black the same way to darken around her eyes.

I used the pencils in the ears and on the floor to define lines. I also use the pencils on the paws. There is also some in the back corner on the right above the dog. After coloring with the pencils,  I used a water brush by Faber-Castell to wet and blend the color. I really liked the brush. It has its own reservoir and that kept the brush tip constantly wet. I used the Neocolors to scribble in the fur with black and I also used blue and navy. Then using the wet brush, I blended the colors together. After all those layers dried well. I used my pastel pencils to add the white fur and also some burnt sienna to the fur. For the fur on the back that is not as bright I used a grey.

The painting was done on 140# Cold press Arches. I really liked the effect but would love to try it on a hot press paper that is smoother.

Below is the “after” photo of my art.








Let me know your thoughts on this process and if you would like to learn more. I would love to make another and experiment a little more. let me know if you would be interested!

Happy Painting!!


Winter Coat-Update

I added a post yesterday about my newest painting experiment with pastel mat and showed you the stages. After I thought I was done, I still kept fooling with it and rubbing the pastel on the right side with more blue.

As I did this a flaw in the surface began to appear. This flaw would not be covered with pastel–no matter how much I added. Since I was unfamiliar with the surface (this was my first painting on it), I was unsure what to do to fix it and how to proceed. It looked like I would have to start over. I was not willing to sacrifice my wolf and all the time I put in to its creation. So where do you go to get answers?? The internet.

After searching, I took a paintbrush and wet it and then brushed over the area with water and let it dry overnight. This morning I awoke to a large even spot on my painting. The flaw was evened out but now I had a spot:(  I added more pastel and guess what? My flaw returned. I then tried brushing off excess pastel(outside) and then spraying the area with fixative.  After it dried , I applied more pastel. Guess what?? The flaw returned.   Sigh….

Then I decided that since the painting was probably a goner, I added a darker color over the blue I had used on the right hand side. I brushed the blue off first so as not to have too much pastel dust on the painting. It worked very well!! I was relieved and glad to save my painting.

It also looks much better to have darkened that side. The wolf now lives in the space and the dark adds depth to the painting.

Pencil Wolf 4

Wolf Workshop March 2015 at Rebecca Baer’s Studio

I will be teaching a workshop in Rebecca Baer’s studio in Hagerstown, MD. Check out the link. Hope you will join us!!

Wolf Workshop

Workshop Wolf




Art at the Mill

The Art at the Mill Show opened today at the Burwell Morgan Mill in Millwood , VA. I have 5 pieces in this show, including “Joy”. Stop by and see all the wonderful art by area artists. The show is open thru May 10. The artist reception is next Sunday from 2-5 pm. Stop by and say “hello”!!


Click to view larger


I worked on Chetan again today. First I got rid of all the blue-it just didn’t work. Sometimes you just have to get rid of detracting elements from a painting to focus on the important areas. I used a paper towel and rubbed off the blue! (Cover the areas you want to protect first!!)

Then I added some greys to replace the blue. My good friend Pam suggested I add some rust so I probably will do that as well but for now here he is:


Now I will put him away for a while and take another look later with a fresh eye!