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Cash Flow for Artists!

Attached is a great article on cash flow for artist!  It’s written by Maria Brophy.


Her web site http://mariabrophy.com. It has many great tips for artists on how to do business for $’s.  I am a big fan and subscribe to her newsletter and recommend it to my artist / business friends.  Check it our…it’s free!

I hope you like it!


Best Way to Sign Your Art Work

Your name is the primary way people find you.  A readable name on your art work  is one of the best marketing tools you have.   USE IT!

If people like your work and can read your name, it gives them a chance to find you on the web. If they can’t read your name, the opportunity is missed, perhaps forever.  Many artists don’t do this and think people will somehow magically find them.  Don’t count on it.

A world famous artist friend actually prints her name alining it using a ruler.  It is very readable, consistent and recognizable on her work.  She sets a great example for us!

I suggest printing your name on your work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the best with your marketing challenges!


6 Tips to Write Your Perfect Artist Bio

See the link below for 6 tips for creating your artist bio.


Please excuse all the ads on the attached link.  They couldn’t be separated from the article’s narrative.

As a result of reading this article, I have included Kay’s bio to this blog post.  It never crossed my mind that it would add value.  As the author suggests, we have different versions of Kay’s bio for different occasions.  The one that I have attached is what we place in our 5×7 informational folder for people interested in her work and workshops.  I plan to share the other contents of our informational folder in a future post.

Kay Witt Bio 9-17-2013  (Open this file to see Kay’s bio), which includes a picture of her with a Wolf named “Darma” taken at Wolf Park in Battlefield, Indiana.  She is the only lady I know that has been licked in the face by a wolf.  It was a life changing experience for her, as she’s pretty much of a city girl, who considers camping out spending the night at a Hampton Inn.

About Kay Witt (Below is the narrative to Kay’s bio)

Kay creates hand drawn pastel paintings of animals capturing their spirit and personality. Her lifelike paintings seem so real they could speak. Her favorite subjects are horses, dogs and wolves. She has loved and admired horses since childhood. More recently, she fell in love with wolves after a visit to the Wolf Park in Battlefield, Indiana (pictured on the right with Darma). Her love for wolves is also based in their similarities and mannerisms to her beloved dog, Sable, an Alaskan malamute.

She works from multiple photographs, which allows her to accurately capture her subject to create a true likeness. She creates a painting that you will treasure for a lifetime.

She has been drawing and painting, since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has had extensive experience in oils, pastels, colored pencils and watercolors. She has had a varied career as an illustrator and graphic artist. She has designed illustrations for book covers, logos, and Christmas cards. She has also painted wall murals for businesses and private homes as well as set backgrounds.

Kay currently teaches workshops and gives lessons in her studio in Strasburg, VA. All skill levels are invited to attend. A list of available workshops can be found on her website, www.kaywitt.com on the Workshop page.

She is a member of the Pastel Society of America, the Pastel Society of Virginia, the Artisan Trail of Shenandoah Valley and the Valley Educational Center for the Creative Arts.


Australian Shepherd



SophieIf you missed the Australian Shepherd class last March, here’s your chance to take it. I will be teaching this class in Martinsburg, West VA on August 7-9 at Berkeley Art Works. If you would like to sign up , to register, click here!  Select “Workshops” from the menu bar. Or call 304-620-7277 to sing up.

See you there!


The Hunter

Today I worked on the fur of the wolf.  After establishing a colorful, dark base , I began to add the hair on the wolf .  I used a pale off white, grey, black(for darker hair), dark brown and white for the brightest lights. I also put some white on his nose to simulate snow. I am unclear at this point if I will keep the snow on the nose or not. Tomorrow I will add more fur on the back of the wolf. The eyes are not as ominous as I would like but I will continue to work on them.

The Hunter-4