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Success is in the Follow Through

I have found that success is in the follow through.

Much like golf, you can have great equipment and make great contact with the ball, but if you have a poor follow through with your swing, your shot won’t be so good.

The same is true in art sales. You can have a great marketing systems that attracts customers, but if you don’t follow up with people, you lose a potential contact that could result in a future sale.

I suggest that you keep track of all incoming phone messages, e-mails, social media. Get back to people – That is their expectation. Treat them like a valuable treasure and you will be rewarded. Make contact.  Give out all the information you can.  Develop a relationship. This is good follow through.

I know you would rather spend your time painting, but if you haven’t developed a good follow through with your potential following, it is likely that you will miss many sales opportunities.

Remember, people do business with people they like. Give them a reason to like you in the follow through process and you will begin to enjoy the benefits.  After 5 or 6 exchanges, don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.  If you’re an instructor, invite them to a class or workshop. Give them what they want and they will help you succeed.

I want you to make it!


Marketing Art–New Topic by Guest Blogger Steve

We are starting a new addition to our blog. My main man and marketer, Steve will be adding hints on growing your business. Take  it away Steve!!

For those of you that are serious about promoting your artwork, a great place to start is Barney Davey for latest info on how the big boys do it.  Barney is one of my favorite authors.  Barney also has a newsletter that has great information and techniques to help promote your name and work.  Check it out and let us know what you think about his newsletter.

Also, please let me know what types of information you would like to explore. I will be happy to respond!! Ask me all your marketing questions.

Marketer Steve

Marketer Steve





Bare Back Rider –the Finish

I finished the painting and elected not to put a top on the model. I thought her back was beautiful. As I worked I developed a new set of colors for my next Portrait Class in January. Simplifying all the colors I used last year to a handful of carefully chosen colors. Giraults are my clear favorites for portraits! Here is the finished painting.

Beautiful and tender portrait of the love of a lady for her horse.

Beautiful and tender portrait of the love of a lady for her horse.

Pastel Portrait Class

The portrait class scheduled for January 17-19 is completely sold out.

So we have scheduled another for February 7-9(10). This one will also have an extra day for those who would like extra help with a portrait of their choice. Hannah

Painting portraits in pastel is a wonderful experience and I find it so much easier than painting portraits in any other medium. Each participant will receive a special set of pastels selected for portrait work. Those students who choose to have the extra day will receive special instruction in completing a portrait of a loved one. A sheet of mounted velour will also be included. While the class size is limited to 8, the extra day is limited to only 4 students for individualized help.

I have also completed a set of illustrated instructions for each student to take with them so that they can have a ready reference to complete their project at home.