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Cash Flow for Artists!

Attached is a great article on cash flow for artist!  It’s written by Maria Brophy.


Her web site http://mariabrophy.com. It has many great tips for artists on how to do business for $’s.  I am a big fan and subscribe to her newsletter and recommend it to my artist / business friends.  Check it our…it’s free!

I hope you like it!


Best Way to Sign Your Art Work

Your name is the primary way people find you.  A readable name on your art work  is one of the best marketing tools you have.   USE IT!

If people like your work and can read your name, it gives them a chance to find you on the web. If they can’t read your name, the opportunity is missed, perhaps forever.  Many artists don’t do this and think people will somehow magically find them.  Don’t count on it.

A world famous artist friend actually prints her name alining it using a ruler.  It is very readable, consistent and recognizable on her work.  She sets a great example for us!

I suggest printing your name on your work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the best with your marketing challenges!


The Work Continues………

This has been the most wonderful painting. I have enjoyed every moment and actually there have been no problems. Sometimes a painting will have problems to be resolved , but this one has been pure joy.

I have really enjoyed selecting colors for the skin tones in the young lady. I chose to use mostly Giraults for this painting. They are a bit softer than Rembrandts but not nearly as soft as Unisons. The color range for portrait work is perfect.. I probably have at least 7 layers on her back.  I will be finishing her this weekend!

beautiful and tender portrait of the love of a lady for her horse.

beautiful and tender portrait of the love of a lady for her horse.

Bare Back Rider continued 2

I have spent the day beginning the young lady in the painting today. First, I decided to work out my colors on a separate drawing of the woman. I used mostly Giraults with a few Rembrandts and NuPastels. In the cool areas on her back I used a glaze of lavender. It worked well for graying down the skin. Here’s the first drawing.Girl

I felt good about my color combinations so I proceeded with the painting. Tomorrow I will finish her body.US 6

Bare Back Rider Continued

I have continued to work on this painting of the horse and girl. Choosing colors is always a challenge. It is important to find what works for each painting. I have favorite colors that I use over and over but they are not always the best choice.  It takes several layers of brown and other colors to develop a deep rich color for the horse. I also wanted to use cooler colors in the mane on the top of his head because it reflects the sky.

Here’s my work so far:

US 4 US 5


working on the young lady today and will post those pictures soon.