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Shepherds-Stage 3

I have started to add some color to the painting. I think you have to remember to add the colors underneath that will show thru in the finished painting. For me I have to always remember to go dark enough so that the lighter colors that come later will really show up. I added some Continue Reading »

Shepherds-Stage 2

After the drawing is done , it is time to add a little more depth. I begin to emphasize the black and white drawing, deepening the black pastel and also adding white highlights. I am working on the dog located on the left first. I do that so as not to drag my hand thru Continue Reading »

German Shepherds_Stage 1

I also paint other animals besides wolves and thought you might enjoy seeing how one of those paintings comes together. I have selected a favorite of mine of 2 German shepherd dogs. They were wonderful subjects and I hope you will enjoy watching the painting progress. I have begun the painting, which is done on Continue Reading »