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I finally have time to work some more on Chetan. I began to finish the right side of his face today. I noticed that the eye in shadow was too bright so I added darker colors to subdue it. Sometimes you like something so much( or I do anyway) that you don’t want to change it for the betterment of the painting.

I began adding hair to the right side of his face. It is still too pronounced so i will subdue it a bit tomorrow. I do like the painting more than before. Here he is:Chetan5

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Kay creates hand drawn pastel paintings of animals capturing their spirit and personality. Her lifelike paintings seem so real they could speak. Her favorite subjects are horses and wolves. She has loved and admired horses since childhood. She has had a varied career as an illustrator and graphic artist. She has designed illustrations for book covers, logos, and Christmas cards. She has also painted wall murals for businesses and private homes as well as set backgrounds. Kay currently teaches pastel workshops and gives art lessons in her home studio in Strasburg, VA. All skill levels are invited to attend. A list of available workshops can be found on her website, on the Workshop page. She is a member of the Pastel Society of America, the Pastel Society of Virginia, the Artisan Trail of Shenandoah Valley and the Valley Educational Center for the Creative Arts. See for more information.